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Graphic Design

I've worked professionally for over 18 years as a Graphic Designer working with school assessments on both digital and print platforms. In addition to my full time job I enjoy doing more creative work on the side as freelance or contract work. Check out the examples of my creative work below. Whether you are an existing brand that needs new graphics, a new company and need to start from scratch, or just need a simple brochure, I'd love to help you in your graphic needs!

logo design, branding, business card, and clothing tag design

logo design and branding for local non-profit organization

campaign logo designs and branding

adoption profile design and layout

bridal shower invitation

campaign design and branding for 3 city council/mayor candidates that wanted to run together as a united front

letterhead, envelope, and business card design suite

t-shirt design printed using direct to garment technology

logo design for car dealership

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